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The Sage Advisor

The Sage AdvisorThe Sage Advisor is an educational newsletter covering a range of SCADA topics, from SCADA basics, to real world applications of SCADA technology, and showcases SCADA Security & Industrial Automation products offered by Sage Designs, Inc.

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The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2020 Volume 30, Issue 1

  • GeoSCADA 2020 Releases with Major Upgrades & New Features
    • Sage Designs is pleased to inform our customers of the release of GeoSCADA 2020, a major update to Schneider Electric GeoSCADA (formerly ClearSCADA).
  • New SCADAPack 47x is High-tech and Low Cost
    • SCADAPack 47x, the newest SCADAPack in the x70 product lineup is now released and available for purchase.
  • Enhancements to Trio Q-Series Radios
    • The Trio Q series have received new enhancements to their Efficiency, Security, Regulatory Compliance, Ease of Use, and Hardware Profile.
  • Accutech Debuts New High Performance Batteries
    • Effective immediately, all standard Accutech transmitters will be shipped with double the internal energy than previous versions.
  • MQTT for the Municipal Industry
    • MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) has opened a whole new world of applications allowing even the smallest hamlets and communities to be able to monitor their lift stations and pumping stations real time
  • How To Read HART data using Remote Connect
    • A quick guide to help you read HART data using Remote Connect.
  • Sage Designs Online Training
    • Online instructor-led classes on GeoSCADA, Telepace Studio, Remote Connect & SCADAPack x70 Logic Programming. Ask your Sage representative for dates & signup info.

The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2019 Volume 29, Issue 2

  • Climbing Over Ladders and Functioning with Blocks: Program Your Way
    • There are the 5 languages making up the open international standard for Programmable Logic Controllers. With this rich programming selection, how does one go about making the right choice about which to use?
  • Pillbox Enclosures Installed Along Major California Canal
    • The newest Pillbox installation sites along a major California canal system have been installed with the goal of adding instrumentation to address concerns of subsidence in the valley.
  • Earthquakes vs. SCADA: What's Shakin'
    • On July 4th and 5th this year, the city of Ridgecrest California experienced two significant earthquakes and put everyone within 100 miles of a fault line on notice that we need to plan for such events in everything we do, especially when it comes to our water system and other infrastructure.
  • New ClearSCADA Features in 2017 R3
    • ClearSCADA 2017 R3 builds on the enhanced functionality of ClearSCADA 2017 R2
  • Schneider Electric's commitment to continued improvement and development of ClearSCADA
    • ClearSCADA will be joining other Schneider offerings in the EcoStruxure software family.
  • Upcoming ClearSCADA, TelePace Studio Training, and Remote Connect & SCADAPack x70 Logic Programming Classes
    • ClearSCADA, TelePace Studio training and Remote Connect & SCADAPack x70 Logic Programming class schedules.

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2019 Volume 29, Issue 1

  • Major Project Uses DNP3 Secure Authentication Protocol
    • One of the largest regulated American water utilities in the country has chosen to upgrade their SCADA system from RTUs to SCADA Master Stations.
  • Sage Design's First RemoteConnect Class
    • Sage Designs proudly announces the completion of the first training course offered for RemoteConnect function-block programming and SCADAPack x70!
  • ClearSCADA & SCADADroid SMS Alarms
    • Utilize Your Existing Database to get SMS Alarms Directly to your Operators.
  • Sage Advice: ClearSCADA Server
    • How to determine the state of a ClearSCADA Server.
  • Securing Your SCADA System Against Malicious Attack
    • With internet connections built into every computer on every network, everyone who operates a system of technology or automation carries the risk of a hacker or virus-related shutdown.
  • Upcoming ClearSCADA and TelePace Studio Training
    • ClearSCADA and TelePace Studio training in Mill Valley.

The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2018 Volume 28, Issue 2

  • Securing Your SCADA System
    • As our world becomes more efficient, it also becomes more complex, and so does securing against those that wish to harm others.
  • DNP3 Protocol at a Glance
    • Today's increasingly complex SCADA networks demand that data-transfer protocols be sufficiently flexible to meet communication challenges while remaining easy-to-configure.
  • Trio Radio Network at Oceanside
    • Oceanside successfully launches a 43-square mile Trio Radio Network.
  • Free SCADA Security Seminars in Northern & Southern California
    • Topic is Next Gen SCADAPack with Unity-based Logic & DNP3 Secure Authentication.
  • Innovative Control Solution from Pace Engineering
    • Integrating a recent project proved challenging when it came to implementing process control with telemetry over radio links.
  • Upcoming ClearSCADA and TelePace Studio training in 2018 & 2019
    • ClearSCADA and TelePace Studio training in Mill Valley & Buena Park.

The Sage Advisor
> Spring 2018 Volume 28, Issue 1

  • Sage Designs Now Offers Dream Reports
    • If you're interested in reports and dashboards to show you the operation of your industrial business, and especially if you are a ClearSCADA user, then you'll want to learn about Dream Report!
  • Announcing The SCADADroid R2+ with MQTT, ReST and Reporting
    • SCADADroid® R2+ exploits new IoT opportunities while maintaining present strengths.
  • Fallbrook Configurable Alarm Dialer Configuration in ClearSCADA
  • SCADAWise Sage Advice
    • Fighting the IT Crowd - DNP3 Secure Authentication Testing.
  • Top 7 Reasons for Choosing Telemetry Solutions for Water & Wastewater Applications
    • Easily manage your network from control room to remote stations with SCADAPack E Smart RTUs and SCADA Expert ClearSCADA Software.
  • Training Classes
    • ClearSCADA and TelePace Studio training in Mill Valley.

The Sage Advisor
> Spring 2017 Volume 27, Issue 1

  • Schneider Electric Launches ClearSCADA 2017
    • Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, is pleased to announce the availability of ClearSCADA 2017 with innovative location services and integrated mapping functionalities.
  • SCADAPack 575 RemoteConnect
    • Schneider Electric SCADAPack 575 RemoteConnect Unity Pro-Compatible rPAC.
  • WIN-911 Releases New Products
    • WIN-911 Releases WIN-911 Standard, Interactive and Advanced Alarm Notification Software.
  • Monitoring Autonomous Sites
    • Monitoring and Accessing Autonomous Sites in Municipal Applications with SCADADroid and SCADAPack.
  • Training Classes
    • ClearSCADA and TelePace Studio training in Mill Valley.

The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2016 Volume 26, Issue 2

  • What IT Doesn't Get About SCADA
    • Reconciling Conventional IT Staff with Emerging SCADA.
  • A More Convenient Rollover Counter
    • Retained Counter with Rollover at 10,000.
  • PillBox Updates & Improvements
    • PillBox Panel Now Accommodates Larger Controllers.
  • What Datasheets Don't Say
    • Datasheet Specifications Don't Tell the Whole Story.
  • Free Hands-On Radio Seminars Coming in November
    • Sage Designs is pleased to announce the return of our popular series of technical seminars.

The Sage Advisor
> Spring 2016 Volume 26, Issue 1

  • ClearSCADA 2015 R2 Release
    • Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the release of SCADA Expert ClearSCADA 2015R2.
  • WIN-911 Enterprise Release 2.16.1
    • Update to WIN-911, the most widely used alarm notification software in the process control industry.
  • City of South Gate Water SCADA
    • After repeated consultation with Sage Designs and other industry leaders, the City decided on a SCADA system built around Schneider Electric TRSS SCADAPack and Enterprise ClearSCADA for their Management Software.
  • Training Classes
    • ClearSCADA and TelePace Studio training classes in Mill Valley
  • Sage Designs is HIRING!
    • Do you know someone who's looking for a change?

The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2015 Volume 25, Issue 2

  • ClearSCADA 2015 Updates
    • Updates and Innovations to ClearSCADA HMI Software
  • New Product: SCADADroid
    • Adding Remote Access to Your Plant Alarm Dialer
  • Home-Grown SCADA
    • My personal favorite SCADA system controls the watering of my garden
  • Training Classes
    • ClearSCADA and TelePace Studio training in Mill Valley and Buena Park
  • SCADAPack 350/357 Updates
    • Changes to the SCADAPack 350/357 Series

The Sage Advisor
> Spring 2015 Volume 25, Issue 1

  • Cybersecurity Guidance for Water Utilities
    • Don Dickinson, Senior Business Development Manager, Phoenix Contact
  • The Next Step in the Evolution of the RTU
    • Grant Van Hemert, Industry Business Management, Schneider Electric USA
  • ClearSCADA Tips & Hints
    • Creating a Menu Navigation Symbol
  • Customer Spotlight:
    • Lake Hemet Municipal Water District
  • 2015 Training Classes
  • 2015 Event Schedule

The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2014 Volume 24, Issue 2

  • Free SCADA Seminars
  • SCADA Master Station vs. HMI
  • Training Classes
  • Spotlight: Palmdale
  • Q&A: Cybersecurity

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2014 Volume 24, Issue 1

  • Thinking Outside The Box
  • Introducing: WIN-911 Enterprise
  • Style & Substance: ClearSCADA 2014
  • ClearSCADA Training Classes
  • Telepace Studio Classes
  • A Rugged Compact SCADA Solution
  • Introducing: Trio Q Series
  • Quest for Reliable SCADA

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2013 Volume 23, Issue 2

  • Windows XP & the Future of Workbench 6.0
  • Flipping Bits
  • Remote Configuration Networks
  • Arsenic Removal Facility SCADA
  • Building a Scalable Network Backbone
  • Camera Tips (part 3 of 3)

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2013 Volume 23, Issue 1

  • ClearSCADA Goes Mobile!
  • The Next Gen WIN-911
  • Cucamonga SCADA Upgrade
  • DNP in Wind Turbine Generator Application
  • ClearSCADA Basics: Drawing Layers
  • Structured Text vs. Ladder Logic Programming
  • 8 Camera Tips for Protecting Water Facilities (Part 2)
  • Schneider Electric TRSS update
  • ClearSCADA Training Classes
  • Telepace Studio Training Classes

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2012 Volume 22, Issue 2

  • Using DNP3 to Solve Oil & Gas and Water Remote SCADA Communication Challenges
  • 8 Camera Tips for Protecting Water Facilities (Part 1)
  • Securing the Data Path from Source to Enterprise
  • New Features of WIN-911 & Mobile-911
  • ClearSCDAA Applets
  • ClearSCADA Training Classes - Level 1 and Level 2
  • Telepace Studio Training Classes
  • EBMUD Settles into SCADAPack
  • FCC Narrow-band License Changes Coming Soon

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2012 Volume 22, Issue 1

  • SCADA Security: Challenges & Solutions
  • SCADA Basics (Part 2): Communications Options
  • SCADA System at SSWD
  • Firetide Point-to-Point Bridges - Make Any Network Device Wireless
  • Firetide Mobility Infrastructure Family Named 2011 New Wireless Product of the Year by Security Products Magazine
  • ClearSCADA & Telepace Studio Training Classes

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2011 Volume 21, Issue 2

  • Top Three Techniques to Realize More Value Out of Your SCADA System
  • SCADAWise & SCADAPack Basics - New Short Courses
  • SCADA Basics Part 1: RTU vs PLC Controllers
  • VVWD Builds SCADA System One Step at a Time
  • The Future of ClearSCADA
  • Snake Byte
  • Control Microsystems is now Schneider Electric Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2011 Volume 21, Issue 1

  • Top Three Criteria to Look for in Your Next Water/Wastewater SCADA System
  • SCADA vs. IT
  • Trio ER45e Ethernet Radios
  • Utility Demand Response
  • MS4 Permit Management Software

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2010 Volume 20, Issue 2

  • SCADA Communication Security: The "Onion" Perspective
  • Control Microsystems is becoming Schneider Electric
  • WIN-911 SMS Messaging Reports
  • SCADA & Wireless Instrumentation Symposium
  • Integrator Spotlight: Sierra Control Systems
  • Navy Seals the Deal with SCADA Partner, N.A.I.T.
  • Seminars
  • Training Classes

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2010 Volume 20, Issue 1

  • California Water Service Company receives SCADA Innovator Award from Control Microsystems
  • Wireless Ethernet: A Spectrum of Possibilities
  • Teledesign Systems Narrowband Ethernet Radio Solutions
  • ClearSCADA Security
  • California Water Bills Require More Monitoring
  • Managing Your SCADA Software Purchases
  • Firetide Wireless Mesh Solutions at Otay Water District
  • Kyocera Charge Controllers
  • DHS CSET Assessments
  • ClearSCADA Test Drive
  • Seminars
  • Training Classes

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2009 - Volume 19, Issue 2

  • FlowStation Out-of-the-Box Pump Controller
  • WIN-911 SMS Text Messaging & Mobile-911
  • Decreasing the Cost of SCADA
  • East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) Chooses SCADAPack
  • Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) Chooses DNP3
  • Teledesign Systems Multi-Protocol Radios
  • Firetide 900 MHz Non-line-of-sight Wireless Mesh
  • BVWD SCADA System
  • Seminars
  • Training Classes

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2009 - Volume 19, Issue 1

  • Video Analytics
  • SCADAWave Ethernet Radios
  • 900 MHz Wireless Mesh
  • Mobile SCADA
  • Win-911 News
  • TelePACE Studio
  • Satellite Communications
  • Seminars
  • Training Classes

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2008 - Volume 18, Issue 2

  • SCADARange Batterypowered Wireless Sensors
  • Firetide Wireless Mesh Networking Technologies
  • Thum Drive Data Logging
  • PoE for Security Cameras
  • Merced ID SCADA Upgrade
  • SCADAPack in RFID System
  • SCADA & Security Seminars
  • DNP3 Seminars

The Sage Advisor
> Spring 2008 - Volume 18, Issue 1

  • ClearSCADA Seminars
  • IEC 61131-3 vs TelePACE
  • Intelligent Video
  • Master Station SCADA Software
  • New SCADA System at VVCSD
  • SCADAWave Radios
  • Win-911 News

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2007 - Volume 17, Issue 2

  • Data Integrity with DNP3
  • What is Security Convergence and can it affect you?
  • FreeWave Radios
  • Vicon Cameras & DVRs
  • DNP3 Training Seminar
  • ClearSCADA Roadshow
  • Win-911 News
  • Sentry Track Data Portal
  • Water System SCADA Application
  • CMI SCADA Forum

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2007 - Volume 17, Issue 1

  • What have you been missing? (DNP3 vs. Modbus)
  • SCADA Seminars with Westin Engineering
  • ClearSCADA Catches On
  • Remote Diagnostics for Industrial Wireless Modems
  • Big Bear Lake DART System
  • Video Analytics

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2006 - Volume 16, Issue 2

  • AMR Systems Using DNP3 Protocol
  • SCADA Seminars with Black & Veatch
  • SCADAWise Reporter
  • SCADAPack2 (now called SCADAPack350/357) - The Next Generation Controller

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2006 - Volume 16, Issue 1

  • Adaptive SCADA: The Future is Here
  • Advanced Command-and-Control Surveillance
  • Surveillance Systems Using Narrow Band Radios
  • SentryTrack ASP Enables Sharing of SCADA Data
  • Water District Completes SCADA System with Demo Disk

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2005 - Volume 15, Issue 2

  • ClearSCADA…not a "Me too" Product
  • SentryTrack Internet-based SCADA
  • Sage Advice: IEC61131-3 - Who needs it?
  • RadioLinx Industrial Hot Spot application
  • The 10 Commandments of External Perimeter Security (part 2)

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2005 - Volume 15, Issue 1

  • The 10 Commandments of External Perimeter Security
  • DNP3 Protocol Implementation
  • Sage Advice: Integration of Logged Data into a Real-time Database
  • SCADA/Security Seminars
  • Security on a Tight Budget
  • Introducing Win-911/Lite

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2004 - Volume 14, Issue 2

  • Reducing Infrastructure Vulnerability Post-9/11
  • The Role of SCADA in Security
  • Carson City SCADA System
  • Sage Advice: What is Multi-Path Interference?
  • What’s New in Lookout 6

The Sage Advisor
> Spring 2004

  • Automated Video Surveillance of Remote Site Perimeters
  • Ethernet in SCADA Systems
  • Open vs. Closed Systems
  • SCADA Systems

The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2003

  • High-Speed Ethernet Spread Spectrum Radios from Locus
  • Video at Remote Sites
  • Requirements for Web-Based Surveillance Cameras
  • Introducing the Wireless SCADAPack Series
  • Win911 Release 7.0
  • Lookout Release 5.1
  • Free SCADA Seminars
  • SCADA at Bodega Bay PUD

The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2002

  • Get SCADA on your Cell Phone
  • Introducing Locus DIN-rail mounted Serial & Ethernet Spread Spectrum Radios
  • DNP 3 Protocol in the Municipal Industry

The Sage Advisor
> Spring 2002

  • Introducing SCADAPack LP & SCADAPack 100
  • What's New with Lookout?
  • Open Protocols...or, Spreken ze Español, oui? (SCADA Primer, Part 5)
  • Adding Surveillance Cameras to your SCADA System
  • WAS Control with Lookout at City of Santa Rosa WWTP
  • DataLinc Wireless, License-free Ethernet Modem

The Sage Advisor
> Fall 2001

  • Introducing 32-bit SCADAPack PLC/RTU
  • RTP's Hybrid Digital Control Systems
  • Remote Data Logging in SCADA Systems
  • Are Modbus' Days Numbered?

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 2000

  • What's New with Lookout
  • Sonoma County Water Agency's World Class SCADA System
  • Do it Yourself SCADA? (SCADA Primer, Pt 4)

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 2000

  • Communication is the Key: Wireless Data Communications
  • Spread Spectrum vs. Licensed Radio (SCADA Primer, Pt. 3)

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 1999

  • Lookout 4.0 Advances SCADA Technology
  • Ethernet Gateway for SCADA Controllers
  • UHF/VHF Microwave Radio Modems

The Sage Advisor
> Fall/Winter 1998

  • HMI/SCADA Software (SCADA Primer, Pt. 2)

The Sage Advisor
> Spring/Summer 1998

  • How Do You Spell RTU? (SCADA Primer, Pt. 1)



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